Why money won’t buy you happiness


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Here’s my column for BBC Future from last week. It was originally titled ‘Why money can’t buy you happiness‘, but I’ve just realised that it would be more appropriately titled if I used a “won’t” rather than a “can’t”. There’s a saying that people who think money can’t buy happiness don’t know where to shop. This column says, more or less, that knowing where to shop isn’t the problem, its shopping itself.

Hope a lottery win will make you happy forever? Think again, evidence suggests a big payout won’t make that much of a difference. Tom Stafford explains why.


Think a lottery win would make you happy forever? Many of us do, including a US shopkeeper who just scooped $338 million in the Powerball lottery – the fourth largest prize in the game’s history. Before the last Powerball jackpot in the United States, tickets were being snapped…

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10 thoughts on “Why money won’t buy you happiness

    1. Nomad Post author

      Dear MoR, all is well. Hope the same from you. We are having to move to a new apartment, so you can imagine.
      I found this interesting though it does not say anything drastically new, because the attempt at quantification of happiness and politeness and the like always intrigues me. Especially so, after coming to Denmark, the country of the “happiest people on earth”.

  1. themoonstone

    Its really interesting.this was exactly what we have been discussing for quite some time on how the levels change and we become quickly adapted to a new lever even after acquiring material assets.the relative high experienced is extremely temporary.
    Thanks for sharing !

    1. Nomad Post author

      Yes. Interesting how work expands to fill the time available for it and how expenses expand to consume the money one is willing or tempted to spend on them.


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